Completing onboarding questionnaire

The supplier onboarding questionnaire is used to gather all the required information Exact Sciences needs to onboard your company.

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Onboarding guides

Completing the questionnaire within 48 hours of receipt is crucial to enable us to initiate business proceedings promptly and meet our payment commitments to you. Failure to provide accurate information or missing details will lead to rejection by the Exact Sciences Team, causing delays in the onboarding process.

Supplier information

Supplier Legal Entity Name
Provide your company's complete, official, and legal name. (For example, use "Vendor Testing Inc." instead of "Vendor Test.")

DBA Name
If your business legally operates under an alternative name (a DBA is listed on Name Line 2 of the W9,) enter it here. Please note: In some locations, this may be referred to as your trading name, assumed business name, or alternate business name.

DUNS Number
If relevant, please input your Dun & Bradstreet number, commonly referred to as your DUNS. If you do not possess one, you may leave this field empty.

Ensure your website URL beginning with http://, https://, ftp://, or file:// (e.g.,

Screenshot of supplier information form on the Coupa Supplier Portal.

General information

Tax number category
Select the applicable country. Note: Different countries may require distinct information (e.g. US requires TIN, Sweden requires VAT, Canada requires a Business Number, Japan requires a NTA number.)

Tax information details
Please provide tax information details corresponding to the applicable country.

Is withholding tax type relevant to you
Select "Yes" or "No" from the dropdown.

Preferred currency
Select preferred currency from the dropdown.

Organization type
Select organization type from the dropdown, if applicable. Please leave blank if none apply.

Screenshot of general information form on the Coupa Supplier Portal.

Attachment W9

This section is relevant solely to suppliers registered in the United States. Please upload your latest Form W-9 or W-8 from the IRS website.

Screenshot of attachments form on the Coupa Supplier Portal.

Supplier diversity

Select the country and diversity category (or categories) from the dropdown, if applicable.

Screenshot of supplier information form on the Coupa Supplier Portal.

Supplier diversity certification

If a diversity category was chosen, please enter the diversity certifying agency, the certification effective and expiration date, and attach a copy of the certificate.

Screenshot of diversity certificate form on the Coupa Supplier Portal.

contact Information

Primary contact
This person will serve as the main point of contact at your organization for communication from the Exact Sciences team. We require their first name, last name, email address, and phone number.

Screenshot of contact information form on the Coupa Supplier Portal.

PO email
The email address will receive all purchase orders issued to your company by Exact Sciences. Please note: After registration, multiple users can be added to the CSP for online PO access by other members of your company.

Screenshot of contact email field on the Coupa Supplier Portal.

Physical address

Primary Address
Fill in your complete business address. If you have multiple addresses, use your company's invoicing address.

Required fields: Street Address, City, State/Region, Postal Code, and Country.

Please note: Use your company's address formatting standard.

If your country does not use postal/zip codes, enter 00000.

Screenshot of address form on the Coupa Supplier Portal.

Remittance address

Payment method
Select payment method from the dropdown. Our preferred payment method is EFT (e.g., ACH or low clearing house). Specific requirements are listed by bank country in Coupa.

Please note: check payments are made in US only

Remit email
Please provide the email to be used for payment notifications. For paper check payments, please include an email address for the primary contact.

Screenshot of remittance address form on the Coupa Supplier Portal.

Remit-to addresses
Click button "Add Remit-To" to add one or more remit-to addresses.

Screenshot of remit-to address form on the Coupa Supplier Portal.

Banking information

Exact Sciences requires accurate banking details to facilitate transactions with your organization.

Our form accommodates domestic, international, and foreign currency transfers to cater to our global partnerships.

If you are using an intermediary bank, please fill out bank name, number and SWIFT code.

Providing your company's bank details
Fill in your company's banking information.

Required fields: Bank Region, Bank Name, Bank City, Bank State or Region, Bank Postal Code, Bank Account Number, and Bank Country.

Screenshot of banking information form on the Coupa Supplier Portal.

Additional info

Please attach Bank Letterhead form in the case you are using an intermediary bank for international clearing.

Screenshot of additional information form on the Coupa Supplier Portal.

Exact Sciences internal use

Internal Use Only

Screenshot of internal use summary on the Coupa Supplier Portal.

Review and submit for approval

If you wish to return to the form later, click the "Save" button.

For any additional information required by Exact Sciences, please enter it in the comments field.

Once you have thoroughly reviewed everything, click the "Submit for Approval" button. This will send your submission to the Exact Sciences' Global Supplier Management team for evaluation.

If any clarifications or adjustments are necessary, the Global Supplier Management team will reach out to you.

Screenshot of submission button on the Coupa Supplier Portal.